Cheating On The Wife: Why Do Men Do It?

One of the most important causes of divorce is extra-marital affairs. It has now become very common for men to cheat on their wives. Whether or not it is a good thing to do is a matter of moral judgment, and it is best to reserve it. Instead, finding out why men indulge in affairs of the extra-marital kind is good knowledge to have.

Causes Men Cheat on Their Wives

  • Sexual Neglect

This has to be one of the most important reasons why most men go ahead and cheat. After the honeymoon phase is over, most couples resort to an on-and-off sexual life. This does not suit many men who think they are getting sexually neglected by their wives. It is a sad thing for most couples but neglects in the bedroom can often gear men towards the list crawler which lets them have fun on the side.

  • Sexual Boredom

Often men are just not satisfied with vanilla-type sexual encounters. But that is what their partners will usually do for them. This often leads to boredom in the bedroom and may have men straying. This is indeed where many men will fall out of love with their wives and may go to another woman to seek comfort.

  • Try Something New

Also, men cheat when they want to try something new with their partner but their partner is just not willing to do so. They find it easy to do it with someone new and have more fun in the process.

  • Less Appreciation

When a man works hard for his family, he wants to be appreciated. But not all women are ready to show appreciation. But when a man goes outside to seek appreciation, he often finds another woman who is ready to shower him with appreciation. It can be an escort, but when the man finds that he is being appreciated elsewhere, his love for his wife goes down.

  • There is Opportunity

Another reason why men may cheat is because there is an opportunity to do so. This means that a man has found an opportunity where women are ready to do the act with him. While a lot of this opportunity may come from the workplace where one finds women who want to enjoy sexual relations, it may also be escorts. Having escorts nearby who are beautiful and smart means more opportunities for men who want to cheat.

Now that you know that there are several reasons why men cheat, it is time to find out how they do it.

Ways Men Cheat

  • At the Workplace

This has to be such a common method for men to cheat on their wives. The workplace is where men spend more than 8 hours of their day usually. This can of course vary but even if it is just 8 hours, it means men have so much of an opportunity to have an affair with their co-workers.

There is something about having an affair at the workplace, it is an easy and effective way of starting a relationship.

  • At the Gym

This is another place where married men can get started with cheating on their wives. Unisex gyms are the norm and regular encounters can easily lead to more. Working out together for a few days and then it can go beyond to something far more fun and exciting! With more people than ever carving out time to exercise at the local gym, it is a good way to have an affair.

  • With an Escort

Escorts are another way men have sex with someone other than their wives. It is a perfect way to have extra-marital sex but enjoy a lot of privacy and discretion. When you have sex outside your marriage, there is usually a degree of stress because you are always afraid of getting caught or someone catching feelings.

With a quality escort from a standard escort agency, you will get privacy because your escort will never tell anyone about the activities you both enjoy in the bedroom. This is great because it means you can hold on to your privacy and still have an amazing time.

  • With a Friend

There is a reason why the term ‘’Friends with benefits’’ came about! It is easy to have sex with someone who is already a friend. No wonder so many men have extra-marital affairs with their friends. You already have a relationship with a known person and if there is attraction, it can be easy to get started.

While extra-marital relationships may not be very good for a couple’s relationship with each other, the fact is, they are becoming a norm, easy access to sex and porn has made it convenient for men to have affairs whenever they feel like it. Always maintain your privacy and safety when you indulge in extra-marital sex though.