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Chemistry Reference

chemguide logo
Chemguide is a site for 16 – 18 year old students, originally written for UK students, but now used extensively world-wide. This is the go-to site for chemistry students in that age range as well as those at the beginning of university courses. It aims to be understandable, but rigorous. Chemguide was created by Jim Clark, a Cambridge graduate with over 30 years of teaching experience.

the science teacher logo
the science teacher is a free website for science teachers, originally written for teachers in the UK, it is now used by science teachers world-wide. The site provides well-curated science teaching resources and pages on science-specific pedagogy. Its aim is to help teachers get students aged 11-16 to think deeply about concepts in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. the science teacher was created by Dr Jasper Green, an Oxford graduate with over 15 years teaching experience.

Periodic Table Day – The development of the periodic table did not happen overnight or in one day. Science takes time to evaluate data and make conclusions. Teaching failure is not easy, since in the classroom failure is not embraced. Discovering new ideas makes understanding how to accept failure and not be ashamed to make the change and promote the truth is the goal of science. Periodic Table day supports this goal.

simbucket logo
SimBucket – Contains over 50 free, browser-friendly HTML5 simulations, including all of the original ChemThink tutorials and problem sets. All of the simulations on this site were built by a small team of teachers.

quizevolved logo
QuizEvolved – A website that makes quizzing easy and powerful. Designed for the 1 to 1 classroom, every student takes a quiz on their own device and receives instant, personalized feedback based on their weak areas.

my chemistry tutor logo – connects students who need extra help with chemistry to highly-qualified tutors who operate either in-person or live via a webchat. We also have free resources to help students, such as free flashcards, a testbank and a best of the web resources page.