Arizona Residents: Here’s What You Need to Know About Gun Storage Laws

Arizona is a permitless carry state. That means anyone of legal age, with no legal restrictions, can own and carry a gun in public, openly or concealed, without a license or permit.

Now, firearms can be dangerous, especially if not stored properly. For instance, if left unsupervised and within reach of young children, a gun can cause severe repercussions. So, safe storage is vital for anyone who owns a firearm.

That said, what does Arizona law say about gun storage?

The State Doesn’t Require Firearm Owners to Store Their Guns Securely

The existing Arizona negligent gun storage laws are pretty lax. In fact, gun holders are not legally obliged to lock their guns away when not in use. The advantage of this is that you can access your weapon quickly when needed. The downside is so can other people, including children, who may not know just how dangerous a firearm can be.

Since the law doesn’t explicitly require safe gun storage, the gun owner is responsible. It’s upon you to store your firearm safely to avoid the likelihood of unauthorized access and use.

You May Still Be Liable for Your Child’s Misuse of a Firearm

Even though you don’t have to lock your gun away, you may still be held liable if your minor carries, possesses, or uses a gun. And you may end up paying hefty fines or civil damages if there were injuries. However, this law only applies if:

  • The minor carried the gun to a public place or a third party’s property knowingly and without a proper adult.
  • You knew your child was carrying the firearm or should have reasonably known and did nothing about it.

How Can You Securely Store Your Gun to Avoid Accidents or Liability

As a parent, your child’s safety is your immediate priority. Storing your loaded firearm safely is one way to achieve this.

So, first and foremost, you want to find well-secured and, more importantly, childproof storage. You can get a safe for this or a closet that you can lock. And you can add electric or biometric locks for better security and peace of mind.

Also, make sure the place you choose to store your firearms and ammo is far from reach for your kids. Somewhere you are sure they don’t go to, and even if they did, can’t access. On top of this, you can secure the gun itself by having trigger locks. So, even if you accidentally forget to lock your firearm away, a minor can’t shoot.

Finally, it’s essential to sensitize your kids about the dangers of gun misuse from an early age. 


Lax Arizona Negligent Gun Storage Laws Don’t Mean Firearms Are Less Dangerous

Accidental shootings can have dire consequences, from severe, permanent injuries to death. And the pain of knowing it could have been prevented is unimaginable. So, store your guns safely and securely. And if you or your loved one has sustained injury from negligent gun storage, talk to a lawyer to determine how to claim compensation.