Seafood Platters as a Centrepiece: Tips on How to Create a Visual Feast

Seafood platters aren’t only delicious but also visually stunning. With the right combination of colours, textures and flavours, a seafood platter can be the centrepiece of any event or gathering. If you want to impress your family or friends with it, listen up.


In this article, we will explore the steps to creating a visually appealing seafood platter that will be sure to impress your guests. From buying seafood from a seafood platter delivery service to the arrangement, we will guide you on how to make your seafood platter a feast for the eyes.

Buying Seafood

It’s supremely important to choose seafood that is fresh and of high quality. When selecting seafood, consider the colour, texture and size. Opt for a variety of seafood that has contrasting colours and textures, such as shrimp, crab legs, lobster tails and oysters. 


You also want to consider matching the seafood in terms of size, as it can add visual interest to the platter. For example, mixing large king prawns with smaller shrimp can create an eye-catching display. A reputable seafood delivery service provider should be able to give you tips on how to match different seafood options.

Preparing Seafood

Once you have purchased your seafood, it’s important to prepare it properly to enhance its visual appeal. For starters, be careful not to overcook it, as this can affect its texture, colour and overall look. Steaming or grilling seafood is a great way to maintain its natural colours and textures while adding flavour. 


Adding herbs and spices to your seafood also does a good job of enhancing its visual appeal. For example, a sprinkle of parsley on grilled shrimp can add a pop of colour to the platter.

Arranging the Platter

The arrangement of your seafood platter is just as important as the seafood itself. Consider the colour, texture and shape of each type of seafood when arranging everything on the platter. The best way is to do it in clusters, as it helps create height and depth on the platter. Use garnishes, such as lemon wedges, herbs and edible flowers to add colour and texture to the platter.

Using Decorative Plates and Platters

Choose plates and platters that complement the colours of the seafood and garnishes. Using a variety of textures, such as wood and marble, can also add interest to the overall presentation of the platter.

Serving the Seafood Platter

When it comes to serving your seafood platter, it’s important to consider the size of your platter and the number of guests. Make sure there’s enough seafood to go around and that the platter is easily accessible for everyone. Provide small plates and utensils for your guests to serve themselves.

Final Thoughts

Seafood platters are a versatile and visually stunning way to showcase the best of the sea. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or just want to impress your guests, a well-presented seafood platter is sure to do the trick. By following our tips on buying, preparing, arranging and serving seafood, you’ll be able to create a beautiful and delicious seafood platter that will leave your guests in absolute awe.


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How Does Dinnerware Impact Your Customers In The Restaurant?

Undoubtedly, one of the significant factors for a restaurant is its aesthetic appeal. Customers come in for the food and the aura of the place. Dining in a restaurant is an experience that people want to enjoy while they sit peacefully and celebrate their occasion. Be it a date night or a birthday party, no one would want to go to a place where the food served doesn’t appeal to the eyes. 

Any porcelain dinnerware manufacturer can offer you a variety of pottery for your restaurant, from porcelain pieces to white bone china dinner plates that match your place’s vibe. As the owner of the dining place, it is essential to consider that you choose the right type that appeals to all the customers’ senses, making them return to the restaurant space. 

Impact Of Dinnerware:

Every person harbors a different vision of the culinary presentation of foods. It is, however, essential to establish specific criteria by which your chef displays the food ordered by the customer. When it comes to display and presentation, crockery plays a crucial role. The type of restaurant and the menu will impact your choice of crockery, as you will want to match each culinary item’s colors and skill set with the plate it is served on. 

A pasta dish may require a plain white bowl, while lamb steak may require something pastel and colorful to contrast with the dish’s colors. Whatever crockery you choose, it is necessary to understand that customers will judge you by the type of plate you serve them. 

First Impressions Are Usually Last Impressions:

When a customer enters a restaurant space, they carefully observe each element of the space- the lighting, the decor, the tables and chairs, the overall vibe and the dinnerware set on the table to welcome them. A customer is impacted by the type and color of a restaurant’s dinnerware. Any place serving its food in plastic bowls may enjoy a poor customer base due to its presentation.

Crockery often plays an essential role in customers deciding whether they want to dine in a place. Whenever a customer sits at a dining table in a restaurant, the first thing their eye catches is the quality of dinnerware as the dishes are empty. Thus, using the proper dinner plate set can impact your business positively and make an excellent first impression on the customer, making them return to your place. 

Setting The Mood Of The Dining Experience:

Culinary experts have often focused on the significance of the presentation of food. Half the battle is won when the plate is decorated beautifully, matching the colors of the actual dish. The right dinnerware for the right kind of food can set the right tone for the dining experience. If you serve sushi in a deep-dish bowl, it will not appeal to the aesthetic senses of the customers, and they will not come back to enjoy their favorite cuisine. 

The choice of dinnerware depends on the type of cuisine and elements of the dish you serve. When your dinnerware is correct, it gets easier to catch the attention of the people sitting at the table waiting for their food. 

There is a high risk involved when you use the wrong color and pattern of plates for serving the food. If you opt for too colorful plates, it takes away all the attention from the dish, and customers end up disliking the food. If you use a plain plate, it may make the dish too bland for aesthetics. Therefore, choosing the right dinnerware helps you set the mood of the place and elevate the dining experience of the customer. 

Functional Purposes:

Tableware serves functional purposes besides aesthetic appeal. The functional purpose must be the priority of the restaurant owners when it comes to choosing dinnerware. In a culinary space, the purpose of tableware is to serve the right food with the proper presentation. The functions of tableware may include:

  • Keeping control over the portion sizes: Any dinnerware controls the quantity of the dish served to the customers. In a restaurant dining experience, the portion sizes make a significant difference as customers eat a range of foods, from snacks to main entrees and drinks, which makes them full if the portion size is big. 
  • Keep the food warm for a long time: The dinnerware keeps the food warm and fresh for a significant time. The customers may only eat part of the portion at a time and may take breaks to complete their plate. The crockery used by restaurants keeps the food fresh as the initial cook. 

How To Choose The Right Dinnerware For Your Restaurant:

For any restaurant, choosing suitable crockery is essential. You might not feel it at the initial stages of opening your restaurant, but it is a significant factor which will leave an indelible impression on the customer’s mind. It would help if you considered several factors while choosing the crockery for your restaurant. 

Some of the factors are:

  1. The Menu: Your menu decides the type of pottery you want to use in your restaurant. You might want to invest in different pieces for serving different cuisines like Italian, Chinese, Indian, etc. 
  2. Durability: You want your crockery to stay intact while constantly serving customers food. As a restaurant owner, you must invest in high-quality, durable material which keeps sturdy for a long time. 
  3. The Design: You must carefully analyze the design of your chosen plate set. More color or pattern can put off the customer and steal the dish’s charm. As a commercial culinary space, you must choose a primary color with a minimal pattern which grabs attention and does not look ugly. 


Whether a casual beach-side shack or a Michelin-star formal dining space, tableware is an essential component of everyday life in a restaurant. Selecting the proper collection of dinnerware that matches your decor and the cafe’s theme is necessary, as it will add a particular element of uniqueness to your space. It is optional to invest in more than one type of crockery; you can invest in different varieties for different purposes.